Adaptive Feedback Canceler invisible Amplifier Ear Aid Digital Hearing Aids

  • Model Number:JH-D36
  • Output. OSPL90 Max.:120+3dB
  • HFA Gain:30dB
  • FOG50 HFA Avg. Gain:30±5dB
  • EQ Input Noise:<=29+3dB
  • Frequency Range:300Hz-5000Hz
  • Working Current:<=2mA
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:<=5%
  • Rated Volatage:D.C 1.45V

JH-D36 is High Quality 4 Channel Digital Open Fit Invisible Bluetooth In Hearing Aids.The JH-D36 with double MIC noise reduction effectively reduces external noise coming from cars and crowds, helping you hear more clearly and comfortably when talking to others by FDA approved.Fitting for mild and moderate hearing loss. This is a great gift for adults or seniors who want to enhance their hearing.With great volume control button,easy one-touch control of the volume and mode settings so that it’s a snap to operate even for a beginner.

Product Feature:

  1. WDRC & AFC Digital Hearing Aid: AFC: The use of an adaptive feedback canceler (AFC) for howling suppression in hearing aids.  WDRC: Wide dynamic range compression, the amplification system ever to compensate for the loudness sensitivity.
  2. Button Volume Control & Volume Memory: Easy to control volume and the machine will remember the sound level when next time turn on.
  3. 4 Program for Different Environment:

Normal Program: For the quiet environment, such as: Home, Office;

Conference Program: For the very quiet environment, such as: Meeting;

Noise Reduction Program: For very noise environment, such as: Bar, Noise production line; Outdoor Program: For the outdoor, environment, Such as: Road, Supermarket.

  1. Open Fit Air Conduction:  Reduce noise, the user will get a clear volume
  2. Invisible & Handiness: Small size and invisible on the ear, Light weight, user even can’t feel it when wearing
  3. Replaceable Ear Tube: Accessory 2 sides ear tube for it, which tube will be used depends on user which ear has hearing loss.