JH-A610 mini recharge ITE hearing aids prevent feedback

1. In ear detection without squeal prevent feedback
Reduce risk of hearing damage from squeal, power on with detection of placing in the ear canal, turn off once removed.

2、 Comfortable Fit
Perfected Ergonomics
About 3g Light weight Naturally lay in your ear canals for a tight, secure fit during extended use.

3、Big button , Modify At Ease
Up to 190° turn on adjustment knob,easy operation

4. NTC Protection
Automatically turn off when temperature reaches 40℃ for safety

5. Easy to Charge
2 hours full charge gives you 12 hours of listening on one charge.
Re-charge quickly for up to 3 times and keeps you listening up to 36 hours.
(Note: Tests conducted in JINGHAO lab, results may vary according to usage.)