Digital medical product Hearing Aid Sound amplifier with CE,FDA Approved


  • Model Number:JH-D37


  • Ultra-long Standby Time 500hrsThe machine can work continuously for 500 hours in the case of maximum power consumption
  • Trimmer Windows,NH Control,MPO ControlNH control, reduce the noise in low frequency.
  • Control the max power output, which is adjustable for different hearing loss people
  • High Gain& High PowerSuitable for profound hearing loss. Deaf people regain the sound.
  • Rotated Volume Controlintense sense of touch makes strong sense of operation
  • 3 Program for Different EnvironmentStandardProgram: For the quiet environment, such as: Home, Office;Noise Reduction Program:For very noise environment, such as: Bar, Noiseproduction line;Telecoil Program:when the hearing aid was set to telecoil, the microphone on the hearing aid for the general environment would turn off and the individual could only hear the phone.
  • Multifunction CompartmentMakes operation easier
  • WDRC & AFC Function-Sounds more softly and comfortably
  • Air Conduction &Universal for Left and Right EarsHigh sound quality hearing aid can apply to both of ear, fitting with adjustable ear tubes